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Fake Ingredients vs Safe Ingredients

There is a problem with the food chain. There are fake ingredients.

You can prove this to yourself. Don’t take my word for it. Look at the actual ingredients and see what is in the food your purchase.

What started me on this post is that I recently picked up some sushi. It was supposed to be crab sushi, so you would assume that crab is the main ingredient. Right? Wrong.

There was another fish listed, potato starch listed, crab flavoring listed. But it was called crab sushi.

A drink I happen to like is Kombucha. There is the actual way to make Kombucha and it appears that some Kombucha is now made from vinegar. I can tell the difference in taste. But the Kombucha label may be on both.

I bought some carrot juice, opened it up, and thought … where have I smelled that before? I know … it is the smell of chlorine in a pool in the summer. I called the company and, yes, they use chlorine in the manufacturing process, at least at that time. I don’t know if they have changed.

Then there was the whole Covid vaxx scamdemic. It was billed as a normal vaccine. It was not. That discussion goes beyond this blog, but this blog has multiple reposted articles and videos regarding the problem.

You may or may not be aware that they want us to eat bugs, want to manufacture fake meat, and who knows what they may be putting into the meat they are continue to process.  I know I have gone to meat counters, picked up some packages and then put them down because they simply do not look “right”.  And some sandwich meat I have eaten recently has been questionable.  Plus, they may want to add vaccines(?) to vegetables as part of the growing process.

In order to maintain products, has there been a degradation of ingredients in food; are we being told about what is actually happening?  Are we assuming that what we are currently eating is the same food we have always eating and yet there may be tampering that we do not know about.

There is nothing more important than purity of ingredients.  We have seen what has happened with impure ingredients in Covid.

In the Old Testament there are guidelines on safe food to eat.  Those who are trained in nutrition agree that this is a good list.  There are specific guidelines against eating certain foods, such as certain insects, and yet insects are something they now want to process into food.

Many corporations that manufacture food are strictly concerned about money, about shareholders and profits, and are not going to put safety as a priority.  They put money first.

If we want “safety first” in what we eat and in what we allow into our lives, then we have to be the ones that are the gatekeepers and do what is best for us.

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